10 Hidden Mac Features You Didn’t Know About

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There’s a treasure trove of hidden features beneath the surface that even Mac veterans overlook. Ready to unlock more from your Mac? Stick around as we dive into 10 game-changing features you didn’t know existed.

1. Clipboard History on macOS

Ever felt like your Mac is a treasure chest, but you’re still figuring out how to unlock all its secrets? Well, buckle up my friend because today we’re going spelunking into one of those hidden gems – the Clipboard History.

Imagine you’ve copied something important and then accidentally copied it over with some random cat meme (we’ve all been there). Now what? Enter clipboard history!

If you really want to figure out how to view mac clipboard history, I’m afraid it’s only possible with 3rd party apps. But good news! Some apps even allow syncing across devices so that text string or URL you copied on your Mac can be pasted on your iPhone. Now, isn’t that something?

2. Hot Corners

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re juggling multiple tasks on your computer, and it feels like you’re playing digital Twister? Well, let me introduce you to my little friend – hot corners. No, it’s not the latest spicy snack trend; it’s a feature that turns each corner of your screen into an action-triggering powerhouse.

Setting up hot corners is as easy as pie (and I’m talking about the eating kind, not the math one). Just head over to System Settings > Desktop & Dock > Hot Corners. From there, assign actions to each corner according to your workflow needs. Want instant access to all open windows? Set one corner for ‘Mission Control’. Need quick desktop access? Another corner can be set for ‘Desktop’.

3. Screenshot Options 

Screenshots are like digital post-it notes or memory aids. But did you know there are more ways than just Command + Shift + 4?

For instance, if you want a screenshot with options (like saving location or timer), try Command + Shift + 5. You’ll get a neat little toolbar at the bottom of your screen with all sorts of goodies.

4. Quick Look

Remember when we had to wait forever for files to open just so we could take a peek inside them? Those days are long gone thanks to Quick Look.

Just select any file and hit Spacebar – voila! Instant preview without opening any application. It’s like having X-ray vision for your files!

5. Spotlight Math and Unit Conversion 

Spotlight isn’t just a search bar; it’s also a math whiz and conversion guru! Need to calculate something quickly? Just type it into Spotlight – no need to open the calculator app.

And if you’re dealing with different units (like converting miles to kilometers), guess what? Spotlight has got your back too! Just type in “10 miles in km” and watch as this humble search bar transforms into a unit-converting machine!

6. The Art of Batch Renaming Files in Finder

Ever found yourself stuck renaming a bunch of files one by one? It’s like watching paint dry, but without the satisfaction of a fresh coat at the end. Well, my tech-savvy friends, there’s an easier way! Let me introduce you to batch renaming files in Finder.

Batch renaming is like having your own personal assistant who does all the tedious work for you. All it takes is selecting multiple files (hold down Command while clicking each file), right-clicking and choosing “Rename [number] items”. You can add text, replace text or even apply a format such as ‘Name and Index’.

7. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re anything like me (and if you’re reading this blog post about computer tips, chances are we’d get along just fine), then you love finding ways to do things faster. Enter custom keyboard shortcuts – they’re basically cheat codes for your Mac.

Head over to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts and let your creativity run wild! Want to open Safari with Shift+Command+S? Go ahead! Fancy launching Mail with Option+M? Why not?

Just remember not to override existing shortcuts unless absolutely necessary – it’s kind of like moving someone else’s cheese; very confusing and slightly annoying.

8. Split View Mode

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried juggling more than two windows on your screen… Now put it down because people might think you’re weirdly waving at them from behind your computer screen. But don’t worry; Split View mode has got our backs!

To enable this feature simply hold down the full-screen button (the green one) in the top-left corner of a window, then drag it to either side of your screen. Choose another open window to fill the other half and voila! You’re now multitasking like a pro.

9. Text Replacements 

If you find yourself typing certain phrases over and over again, text replacements are about to become your new best friend. It’s like having an echo but without annoying everyone around you.

Go to System Settings  > Keyboard > Text Replacements and click on the ‘+’ button. Now every time I type “br”, my Mac automatically replaces it with “Best regards”. And just like that, I’ve saved myself countless keystrokes!

10. Guest User Account for Privacy

Last but not least is setting up a Guest User account. This feature is perfect when someone wants to borrow your computer but you’d rather they didn’t stumble upon your secret love for cat videos or worse…your work files!

Head over to System Settings > Users & Groups and enable “Guest User”. Now whenever someone asks if they can use your computer, simply switch users without breaking into cold sweats.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it folks! Ten more hidden features that will make using your Mac smoother than butter on hot toast. Remember, technology should be our servant, not our master – so take control and make these features work for you!

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10 Hidden Mac Features You Didn’t Know About