How Much Does Alexa Cost To Run? [Easy Downloadable]

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Alexa costs to run $20 and $100 each.

In today’s digital age, smart home devices have gained immense popularity, and Amazon Alexa stands out as a prominent voice assistant. As consumers increasingly adopt Alexa-enabled devices, it’s important to understand the cost implications of running this innovative technology. In this article, we will explore the expenses associated with using Alexa, highlighting cost-effective features and options to help users make informed decisions.

Initial Investment

Initial InvestmentEstimated Cost Range (in GBP)
Amazon Echo Dot£30 – £60
Amazon Echo£70 – £100
Echo Show (larger display)£200 – £250
Third-party Alexa devicesVaries

To start using Alexa, you need to purchase a compatible device, such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or other third-party Alexa-enabled devices. The cost of these devices varies depending on the model and features. For example, the entry-level Echo Dot is more affordable compared to the larger Echo Show. Consider your budget and specific requirements when selecting the right Alexa device.

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Electricity Consumption

Electricity ConsumptionEstimated Cost (in GBP)
Average power consumption of Alexa devicesNegligible

Running Alexa in UK requires an internet connection and constant power supply. Although Alexa devices are designed to be energy-efficient, they consume a small amount of electricity when in use. On average, the power consumption of an Alexa-enabled device is comparable to other household electronics like a light bulb or a computer on standby mode. The actual energy cost will depend on your location and the local electricity rates. However, the power consumption is generally minimal and shouldn’t significantly impact your electricity bill.

Here’s a table summarizing the power consumption of different Amazon Echo devices:

3rd gen. black Amazon echo dot speaker
DeviceStandby Mode (watts)In Use (watts)
Echo Dot1.402.04
1st-Gen Echo2.933.50
2nd-Gen Echo1.943.40
Echo Plus2.504.50
Echo Spot1.803.20
Echo Show 5
Idle (Min)2.003.50
Idle (Auto)2.504.50
Idle (High)3.505.00
In Use (Min)3.504.50
In Use (Auto)
In Use (High)
Echo Dot
Off Mode0.16 – 0.181p
Standby1.40 – 1.501.5p
Sleep Mode2.04 – 2.702p

Please note that the power consumption values provided are approximate and may vary depending on the specific device model and settings.

gray Amazon Echo portable speaker

Wi-Fi and Internet Connection

Wi-Fi and Internet ConnectionEstimated Cost (in GBP)
Wi-Fi router or ISPVaries

Alexa devices rely on a stable internet connection to function properly. If you already have a reliable home Wi-Fi network, there is typically no additional cost associated with connecting Alexa to the internet. However, if you don’t have an existing Wi-Fi network, you may need to invest in a router or subscribe to an internet service provider (ISP). These costs are not exclusive to Alexa but are part of setting up a home network.

Subscription Services

Subscription ServicesEstimated Cost (in GBP)
Amazon Music Unlimited£9.99/month
Audible subscription (audiobooks)£7.99 – £14.99/month
Amazon Prime (includes other benefits)£7.99/month

While basic Alexa features come free of charge, some advanced functionalities may require subscriptions to access premium services. Amazon offers the Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible subscriptions for enhanced music streaming and audiobook experiences. Additionally, services like Amazon Prime, which includes benefits beyond Alexa, can complement your overall experience. Evaluate your personal preferences and needs to determine if subscribing to these services aligns with your budget.

Smart Home Integration

Smart Home DevicesEstimated Cost Range (in GBP)
Smart light bulbs£10 – £30
Smart thermostat£100 – £200
Smart security cameras and locks£50 – £300
Other smart home devicesVaries

Overall Cost

Alexa DeviceDescriptionPrice Range (in GBP)
Amazon Echo DotSmart speaker with a compact design£29.99 – £49.99
Amazon EchoSmart speaker with improved audio£69.99 – £89.99
Amazon Echo PlusSmart speaker with built-in smart home hub£139.99 – £159.99
Amazon Echo Show 5Smart display with a 5.5″ screen£49.99 – £79.99
Amazon Echo Show 8Smart display with an 8″ HD screen£79.99 – £119.99
Amazon Echo Show 10Smart display with a 10.1″ HD screen£239.99 – £249.99
Amazon Echo FlexPlug-in mini smart speaker£24.99 – £29.99
Amazon Echo StudioHigh-fidelity smart speaker£189.99 – £199.99
Amazon Echo AutoSmart speaker for your car£49.99 – £59.99
Amazon Echo BudsWireless earbuds with Alexa integration£119.99 – £139.99
Amazon Echo Wall ClockWall clock with Alexa compatibility£29.99

Alexa’s true potential lies in its ability to integrate with various smart home devices, enabling seamless control over your home environment. However, smart home devices themselves come at varying price points. From smart light bulbs to thermostats, cameras, and locks, the cost of creating a comprehensive smart home ecosystem can add up. Consider starting with affordable options and gradually expanding as needed.

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