Is Alexa Expensive To Run?

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To be an Amazon-branded Alexa hub, you don’t have to own an Amazon device. They have licensed Alexa to other smart speakers brands, including my favorite premium option: the Sonos One.

Although these alternative Alexa-compatible speakers are more expensive than the Echo they offer better sound quality. These options are great if you want good sound quality and an Alexa Hub all in one device.

What is the Price of Alexa?

There are three main ways to use Alexa: using an Amazon Echo speaker or a third-party smart speakers and downloading the Alexa smartphone application.

Smart home users will use only one of the $50+ smart devices in their central rooms (living room, kitchen), and the $20-30 in other rooms.

This is how a typical setup might look:

  1. Echo Show in the main area ($50-100).
  2. Echo dots are available in 2-3 bedrooms, garages or other rooms (50-150).
  3. To enhance your living room TV, use a fire stick ($20-50).

A smart home setup allows you to do it incrementally. To get started, your initial Alexa cost can be as low at $20. You can save a little money or spend more when you find something really cool or useful.

Here is a quick overview and summary of the cost to use Alexa for each option.

Amazon’s Smart Speakers

Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are one of the most popular ways to communicate with Alexa.

Third-Party Smart Speaker

Alexa is not limited to Amazon-branded smart speakers. There are many third-party devices that have Alexa integrated.

Use Alexa through the Smartphone App

To use Alexa, you don’t necessarily need an Amazon Echo or a third-party smart speaker.

Installing the Amazon Alexa app for your Android or iPhone is a completely free alternative.

Amazon Echo cost

Amazon Echo doesn’t require any subscription. Access to Alexa’s useful features is available starting at PS89.99 on Amazon.

The pricing of the Echo may vary depending on the version. Amazon Echo Dot is priced at PS49.99 and offers fewer features, but it can answer questions and play music.

Alexa monitors the power consumption of your Smart Home Devices

The Alexa app now includes the Energy Dashboard, which attempts to calculate the power consumption of smart home devices. This dashboard shows you how smart lights, thermostats, and other devices are using power over time. You can also see which devices are using the most power and whether the trend is up or down. Open the Alexa app, and click the “Devices tab” in the bottom right. If you have the Energy Dashboard, the screen “Devices”, should contain an “Energy Dashboard” button right below the list device types button.

Subscribe to Alexa

You do not need to subscribe to Alexa. Users will need to create an Amazon account. You will be able to access the services seamlessly across all your devices.

Monthly Fees

Alexa is free to use. There are no monthly fees. You have access to Alexa’s AI as soon as you buy an Amazon Echo device. Technically, the Alexa app can be used on your smartphone without the need for a smart speaker.

These are just a few of the many things Alexa can assist you with, for no monthly fee.

Alarms and timing

Alexa’s named timesrs are a great feature for your smart kitchen. Multiple timers can be set to “Meatball Timer is Complete” which is much more informative than the usual noises.

Alexa drop in

After you’ve added devices to the Alexa app, enabled drop-in, you can instantly start communicating between these devices

Productivity Improvement

Alexa can help organize your day, from reminders to timers, so it runs smoothly.

Alexa commands

You can manage your calendar and check the traffic on your commute. (Get a complete list of commands).

Using Alexa Skills

Third-party add-ons are available that you can integrate into your Alexa profile, including recipes, games, and stories for kids.

Messaging and calls

You can call or send a message via skype to other Echo devices or to send a message. To make and receive calls, you can also connect with EE or Vodafone.


Alexa can be used as a home intercom to connect you with your family through Alexa enabled devices. Alexa can make phone calls or call your friend’s Alexa-enabled devices.

Latest Updates

You can catch up on all the headlines by saying “Alexa, tell the news”

Answering Questions

Alexa can answer any question you might have, whether it’s about the weather in New York City or how to translate a mathematical equation.

Cost to maintain an Alexa on the Internet

An Amazon Echo costs $3.32 annually, while a Google Home costs $2.30. This assumes a home power rate of 12.75c/kWh (based upon the most recent figures from the US Energy Information Administration).

Every home has a background energy consumption driven by electricals that are turned on 24 hours a day. Appliances on standby, set top boxes, refrigerators, and appliances on standby are all energy suckers. Smart devices… Voice-controlled smart speakers and home hubs are now a must-have tech.

Alexa is a heavy user of electricity

The average Amazon Echo second-generation will consume 15.2 kWh per year, which is less than $2 in annual energy bills. The Google Home Mini uses 12.3 kWh per year, which is less than a penny and a half.

Alexa Consume Electricity

It is obvious that an Echo consumes more electricity when it’s in use. Here’s what Echo devices did when I was listening music (shown in a range based upon the volume).

  1. Echo Spot: 2.6 to 3.2 watts (2.9 watts average and screen brightness at its lowest).
  2. Echo Plus 3.0-4.3 Watts (3.65 Watts average)
  3. 2nd-Gen Echo: 2.4 to 3.4 watts (2.9 watts average)
  4. 3.1-2.4 watts for the Echo’s first generation (3.25 watts average)
  5. Echo Dot: 2.1 to 2.4 watts (average 2.25 watts)

Cost To Run Alexa In UK

The average cost of electricity in the US for residential use is 12.75 cents per unit. This figure comes from the US Energy Information Administration’s most recent estimates. The Amazon Echo device costs $3.32 per annum, while the Google Home is $2.30 per annum.

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