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Ring can be used with Apple HomeKit by connecting to a Homebridge device or hub. Install the Ring plugin for Homebridge to set it up. To get the refresh token, enter the email, password and two-factor authentication code associated with your Ring account.

Although Ring has been in some controversy, many people still love their products. Ring, an Amazon subsidiary, offers affordable cameras, doorbells and outdoor plugs as well as professional monitoring. Ring is a great option if the Amazon Alexa ecosystem appeals to you. What if you own a Ring doorbell that you would like to integrate with HomeKit so it can be used with your Apple TV and Apple Watch? Homebridge is the solution.

Homebridge provides HomeKit integrations for many devices that are not normally compatible. This integration is available for Nest, TP-Link and UEFI. It’s possible to make a Homebridge plugin compatible with any device that’s not compatible with HomeKit. HOOBS, as I have mentioned, is my preferred method of using Homebridge. It’s a complete device that allows for setup and management of Homebridge devices. Homebridge is free if you have an internet-connected computer. HOOBS is simple and easy to use. It is quiet, low-power, and simple to maintain.

Homebridge Hub or Homebridge on the Computer For Ring Accessories

This seemed like the answer I was looking to find, but it wasn’t.

Because you must have your computer up and running 24 hours a day to be able to control accessories.

This could prove to be costly and a major inconvenience for many people.

You can also purchase a Homebridge hub.

This pre-packaged software and hardware solution comes with Homebridge already set up.

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Is Apple Homekit compatible with Ring Camera?

Clicking on the mouse by women on computer

Ring is North America’s most loved video doorbell system. This means that many Apple fans are eager to add it as part of their smart home systems. The Ring camera system is not compatible with Apple Homekit systems.

Is Ring Video Doorbell compatible with HomeKit

The current viewing of Does Ring Video Doorbell work with HomeKit? Ring is the most popular brand in video doors and Apple users can now access their video doors from anywhere. You might be wondering if your Ring doorbell works with Apple’s HomeKit system if you are building a smart home.

It’s easy for people to forget about the Apple ecosystem improvements, such as the iOS15 update or their iPhone. This is especially true when it comes to HomeKit. Apple TV now has the ability to receive a picture-in-picture notification from your HomeKit compatible video doorsbell, as well as your HomeKit cameras. This is particularly useful for outdoor cameras. You may be watching TV but not having your iPhone nearby, but you still want to be notified if someone is in your garden. It’s useful for monitoring Bubble, our 1-year-old dog.

Connecting Ring Accessories to HomeKit using HOOBS Homebridge Hub 2021

After I made the decision to purchase a Homebridge hub for HomeKit integration, I began looking at all of the options.

After much research, I settled on HOOBS and Homebridge Out-Of the-Box.

It integrates thousands of accessories from third parties with HomeKit, as the name implies.

Ring Pro video notification for Apple TV

This is just a quick post to let you know that I didn’t know it worked. I have many HomeKit smart devices including IKEA Tradfri, LIFX sockets, lights, and tado thermostats. I prefer HomeKit options because they are easy to use, like the IKEA Tradfri and LIFX lights, sockets, and thermostats.

Ring is the only thing that I have installed in Homebridge. Until now, it was used to view my doorbell via the HomeKit app (slow), and a few triggers in motion/doorbell. Yesterday, I was in the lounge, and was listening to music on the Apple TV while the screensaver (aerial), was being displayed. I didn’t know this was possible. It would have done it if it was always there. I don’t know if this is ios14 or tvOS 14.

How to add Ring Devices to Apple HomeKit

HomeKit can be a great way for you to manage your smart home devices if you’re heavily invested in Apple Ecosystem. Unfortunately, Ring devices do not support HomeKit due to the security and compatibility standards of Apple. Homebridge allows you to use Ring devices with Apple HomeKit, even though Ring cannot provide this capability. Let’s look at how you can use Ring accessories with Apple HomeKit.

Why use HOOBS to connect Ring with HomeKit?

  • It’s very easy to set up. It takes only a few moments to integrate all your Ring products with HomeKit.
  • It makes it easy to set up Homebridge without the need to manually configure complex plugins.
  • Hoobs collaborates closely with plugin developers to make sure you get all the support and up-to-dates you need.
  • This works with Ring, as well as 2000+ other products, including Roborock and Harmony, Tuya and Sonos, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyO, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyQ, MyRing, and many more. Hoobs in boxes is an easy way to get your smart home built in HomeKit.

Is Ring Compatible with HomeKit? How to Connect

Ring can be used with Apple HomeKit by connecting to a Homebridge device or hub. Install the Ring plugin for Homebridge to set it up. To get the refresh token, enter the email, password and two-factor authentication code associated with your Ring account.

Is Ring Compatible with HomeKit?

Integration Ring-HomeKit

After the plugin has been set up, you should see the Ring accessory in the Home app of your Apple device.

How to integrate a ring with HomeKit

Homebridge is required to integrate accessories that are not certified by HomeKit (e.g. Ring products).

What can you do with Ring-HomeKit integration?

HomeKit integration with Ring products allows you to effortlessly monitor your camera stream and trigger an alarm. You can also turn on lights from the Home app.

What is Homebridge?

Homebridge is a lightweight server which integrates with your home network and provides HomeKit integration for smart devices that don’t support Apple HomeKit. It emulates the Apple HomeKit API. It acts as a bridge between all third-party HomeKit applications.

Last Thoughts

However, even if Ring enabled HomeKit on their devices, as they have promised for years, I doubt it will achieve anything beyond what the Homebridge setup has.

HomeKit’s advantage is how you can personalize the way your devices work.

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