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It can seem overwhelming to integrate Amazon’s Alexa voice control system into your home. What can you say to her? This list is growing rapidly and it is long. As new commands are added, we’ll keep this list up-to-date.

Alexa: How to Summon Her

It’s not difficult to summon Alexa. Once Alexa is connected, you will need to call her name, Alexa to wake her up. If you want to change the name of Alexa’s wake-up call, you can only do it with Amazon, Computer, or Echo. You can only wake Alexa if you have Amazon Fire Stick.

What does Alexa really do?

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based AI digital assistant that powers a whole smart device ecosystem, is powered by Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa can answer simple questions and execute various tasks and commands. It also provides information, entertainment, and general support to its users through its AI (artificial Intelligence) capabilities.

  • Basic Commands
  • Ask for help: Alexa, help.
  • Mute or unmute Alexa, mute Alexa, unmute
  • Alexa, stop, pause, Alexa, shut down
  • Let’s have a chat with Alexa.
  • Media Controls
  • Play a song that is based on context. Alexa, play the most recent Matt Maher albumor Alexa. Play that song that says ‘Your love defends my, your love protects me’
  • You can play music on Alexa (or other) Alexa devices. Alexa, play artist in the living room, or Alexa play artist everywhere
  • Play music by [artist] or a song you like: Alexa
  • Play a song based upon context: Alexa, listen to the most recent Matt Maher albumor Alexa. Or, you can play that song that says ‘Your love defends my, your love protects me’
  • Messaging and calls

The Echo has a cool feature that allows you to call and message other users, and also to use your Echo as an in-home intercom using Drop In. These blog posts will help you set them up.

You can also send messages to your voice and make announcements.

News and Weather

  • Alexa, enable Today in Music, add music news to your Flash Briefing
  • You can check the weather by asking Alexa: Alexa what’s it like? Or Alexa, will there be rain today? Alexa can also be asked, “Will I need an umbrella?”
  • Headlines: Alexa, What’s the News?
  • Ask Alexa for your Flash Briefing.


  • You can find movies at nearby theatres by asking Alexa: Alexa, which movies are currently playing? Or Alexa, which action movies are being shown tonight?
  • Get movie quotes: Give me a [movie] quote
  • Alexa, give me information about movies that are playing.
  • Casting for a movie or TV show? Alexa is available to cast:
  • Locate the latest work of an actor: Alexa, which is [actor]’s latest movie?
  • IMDb Rating: Alexa, What is the IMDb rating of [movie] or [TV show]?

Bluetooth Bluetooth Commands: Use Alexa Commands

  • Pair a Bluetooth device: “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, Bluetooth.”
  • Disconnect from a Bluetooth Device: “Alexa! Disconnect from my Phone!”
  • Connect to a Bluetooth device by saying “Alexa, connect with my phone.”

Alexa Commands for Profiles and User Accounts

  • Switch profiles: “Alexa switch accounts.”
  • You can check which profile is active by clicking “Alexa, which account is this?”

Use Alexa Commands with Skills

Skills are third-party apps for Alexa speakers. These skills allow you to connect third party software and hardware to your speaker. You can also play games and add news sources to your Flash briefing. They had to be enabled in order to use them initially. However, Amazon made it automatic. Just ask for the Skill, and it will activate when it is used.

Alexa Voice Commands Everything Everyone Should Know

Amazon Alexa can be used to accomplish many tasks. These tasks can only be accomplished if you know the correct Alexa commands. There are hundreds of commands that you can use with your Alexa device. These are the most common commands you should know.

  1. Alexa, Stop

This command will tell Alexa to stop performing a task you have asked it to do. Alexa will cease performing any task it is currently doing. This is useful if you aren’t sure what you want Alexa to do.

  1. Alexa, Volume X

The volume command is what you will need to turn on your Alexa devices for the first time. You can adjust the volume levels on your Alexa device by using this command. You can also adjust the volume by saying “Alexa turn up the volume” and “Alexa turn down the volume”.

Alexa has a hidden level 11, which you can use in order to increase Alexa’s volume above This is Spinal Tap levels. This level is probably not the best for most users.

  1. Alexa, set an alarm for 9 A.M

This Alexa command will automatically set up alarms for you. You don’t have to use your phone’s apps anymore. Simply say the command loudly and Alexa will set up an alarm at the time specified.

  1. Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes

Timers are essential for many tasks. The virtual assistant will set up a timer for you by simply telling it the time. Alexa will notify you when the time has expired.

  1.  Alexa, Tell Me a Joke

This command tells you a joke. It is the last of our list of Alexa commands. This command can be used to get Alexa telling you a random, funny joke. You might get a localized version depending on what you prefer. You can also ask Alexa for a knock-knock joke by saying “Alexa. knock knock.” Find out who is there.

These Are the Best Alexa Commands to Learn

Alexa is a powerful virtual assistant that can do almost everything you ask. To do this, however, you need to be able to learn the commands that will trigger Alexa to complete your tasks. Additional skills are available to enhance Alexa’s already-built-in commands. Many of these skills are free.

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