Ring Solar Status Connected But Not Charging

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Does Ring Solar Panel charge cameras with solar status? It is an issue that I have faced for a number of times. I kept on changing the solar panel and it solved the issues sometimes but I was there again “Ring Solar Status Connected But Not Charging”!

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    Ring Solar Status Connected But Not Charging

    First we need to understand that daily sunlight keeps Ring devices charged so if it is there and still the issue is not solved then we need to dig deeper. Why isn’t it charging? Let’s see the possible reasons:

    ring solar status connected but not charging

    1. Defective Battery:

    • Solar panel can’t charge a defective battery so see if the battery is swelled up or if it is charging well.
    • Symptoms of a defected battery: leaking, discoloring, bulging, etc.

    2. False Installation Setup:

    • Correct installation is crucial for charging. Check if you need an expert for the installation.
    • The possible installation issues may be incorrect connections, open circuits, and voltage mismatch are issues. Here is a guide to read for the solar installation setup.
    ring solar status not connected

    3. Problem with Solar Charger Controller:

    • A malfunctioning controller leads to no charging. Check if they are installed properly. You may need to change the controllers or upgrade it for the best compatibility.
    • Incorrect settings and low-quality controllers are common culprits.

    4. Nonfunctioning Solar Panels:

    • Damaged panels won’t charge the battery. If you solar panel is placed under a tree or fell down due to wind or some other wear and tear the it must have some scratches or damages.
    • Common problems: scratches, spacing, broken parts.

    5. No Direct Sunlight:

    • Proper sunlight (4-5 hours) is essential for charging. The solar status stops charging when there are clouds. The process is so instant that if the clouds come then the charging will stop and resumes when the sunshine falls on the solar status.
    • Shadows, and extreme weather can prevent charging.

    Possible Solutions:

    Continuous disconnection may cause Ring Solar Status Connected But Not Charging.


    The most issues are found in the solar panel. Go and inspect, repair, or replace the damaged solar panel as per the video shown above or hire a professional.


    The connections and wiring can be damaged. Reinstall solar panels with correct wiring and connections. Make sure the wiring is not damaged and wire is not cut from anywhere.

    Ring Camera Compatibility

    Reset the Ring camera and ensure device compatibility. Some devices need higher voltage and don’t work with solar panels of higher capacity.


    Bettery is a big expense when it comes to solar setup. See if you need to replace the battery. It goes dead after a year normally. So, check it if you need to replace it.

    Soft and Hard Rest

    Reset the solar charge controller (soft and hard reset). Reboot the connected device to clear software issues and reset connections.

    Ring Solar Panel Not Charging? Follow These Steps to Fix It

    • Ring offers versatile security camera options: hardwired, wireless, and solar-powered.
    • Ring devices use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, offering up to 6 months of battery life.
    • Solar panels provide a continuous charge to Ring devices, ensuring non-stop monitoring.
    • Sometimes, Ring solar panels may not work as expected due to various reasons.

    Is the Ring Solar Panel Not Charging in Winter?:

    Winter doesn’t affect charging if panels receive adequate sunlight. If your panel is in sunlight then there is no need to worry about it. Ring Solar Status Connected But Not Charging is an issue that can be due to inadequate sunlight.

    Ring Solar Panel Keeps Disconnecting?:

    Check and secure all connections for proper functioning. The wires should not be damaged. If everything is connected then make sure no wire moves.

    Ring Solar Panel Is Connected but Not Charging?

    There is a possibility of dust or breakage of the solar panel. Clean and reset the ring device, ensure 4-5 hours of sunlight.

    How Long Does It Take for a Ring Solar Panel to Charge?

    Ring solar status needs 3-4 hours of direct sunlight for charging.

    How to Claim a Warranty

    Ring provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor. So, process for repair, replacement, or refund if within warranty. Here is the link to claim warrenty.

    Contact the Ring Support Team:

    • Reach Ring’s customer support via call, chat, or their customer support page.

    Things to Consider

    • Battery lasts 180-365 days depending on usage.
    • Ring solar panel provides a trickle charge (1-2%) when battery is below 90%.
    • Solar panels need 3-4 hours of direct sunlight to function properly.
    • Ring solar panel doesn’t work at night; it needs sunlight for charging.
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