Turning Alexa Off At Night

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Alexa can do so many things, including smarthome control. But if you are tired of turning off everything before you go to sleep, or at least making sure it is turned off, Alexa can do that all for you by simply saying one command.

Allow Night Mode in The Alexa App

Night mode can be activated directly on Echo Spot or Echo Show devices. Night mode can only be activated on these devices. The Alexa app also supports night mode. When you set up your devices, your smartphone’s display will be always pleasant dark. You can activate night mode by following five easy steps within the app. Open Alexa on your Android smartphone, or iPhone. You’ll now see three dots in the lower right corner, under the “More” item. Click on them. The list will open.

Tap on “Alexa App Settings”, then “Color Scheme”. There are three options available:

  • Bright
  • Dark
  • System design

To activate night mode, tap on “Dark”. You will find the normal setting hidden behind “Light”.

How to Turn Alexa off at Night?

An Alexa device cannot be turned off. These devices are meant to be on-demand at all times. There is no power button. It is impossible to turn it off completely with any command. You can only turn it off completely by plugging it into the power socket. This is not ideal. If you want the Alexa not to disturb you while you sleep, there are some things you could try:

  • Standby Mode

Alexa will switch to Standby Mode, which means that Alexa will not send any notifications. Instead, it will only keep you in the listening mode. You might still get light notifications from the speaker, but the lights will not stop blinking. All you have to do is say Alexa Goodnight! It will turn the standby mode on.

Alexa is a smart smart assistant that can be used in smart homes. It’s a wonderful thing to have with you all day. You can just speak the commands and watch them take effect. Alexa works with speaker devices like Echo.

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode is perfect for you because it won’t send out any notifications and doesn’t emit lights. You will need to activate the DND Mode by saying “Alexa, Turn On Do Not Disturb”. The purple lights on your echo will flash for a time and then it will turn on the DND mode.

Long-pressing the button with a moon-shaped shape on the Echo speaker can be used to leave the room once the purple light flashes. DND mode will automatically be activated and you won’t receive any sound or light notifications.

These modes will do the job perfectly, and you will be able to sleep peacefully without any notifications.

How do I turn off my Echo Show screen at night?

To block calls and messages, you can say “Alexa turn on do not disturb” The screen will then go into an inactive mode.

To turn the screen off completely, you can also use “Alexa”, to say it.

These Alexa Routine Activities will have Alexa tuck you in at night

This feature can help you do chores around the house much more quickly and easily, but Routines also come in handy for those times when you need to go to bed and relax. These are common tasks you can add to your Alexa Routine for nighttime.

  • All lights and devices that are still on must be turned off

My house lights are the last thing I do before going to sleep at night. Although LEDs have made forgetting easier for me, it still wastes electricity.

You can add an action in your nightly Alexa routine that will have Alexa turn off all smart lights throughout your home if you have them compatible with Alexa. .

  • All fans and other nighttime devices must be turned on

Although they are relatively inexpensive, smart plugs can be used to transform “dumb” appliances into smarthome gadgets. They can be used to turn on simple fans from your smartphone or by your voice wherever you are.

Smart plugs can be added to Alexa Routines, allowing them to turn on and off when you need them. It’s great to have a fan that makes white noise. Alexa can turn it on automatically when it’s bedtime.

  • All Doors Locked

While most people lock their smart locks before they go to bed, some people forget. You can have Alexa do an automatic check before you go to sleep and lock any smart locks you forgot about.

This requires a smart lock compatible with Alexa. They can be worth the investment if your problem is forgetting to lock your doors or you hate using keys. Smart locks are affordable and can be installed on a few exterior doors in most homes.

Get Alexa To say, “Good night” Back To You

Last, but not least, if Alexa isn’t responding to your bedtime routine with a simple “OK”, or confirmation chime, you can ask her to speak something back.

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