What Can Alexa Do? 15 Things UK & USA Guide

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Based on the personal first-hand experience here is what Alexa an do!

Table of Contents

    Play Games & Quizzes (Trivia Hero)

    Do not look at the online games and Quizzes, Alexa will play games for you and will give the answer if asked. This is a powerful feature of alexa.

    Control Your Television (with Logitech Harmony Hub)

    If you are sitting in your office, Alexa can do you television handling job quite well. It can turn on and off you TV at any given time or it can turn it on when you want to watch your favorite show.

    Play BBC Radio Stations

    What to stay updated with the news? Alexa will place BBC Radio Station for you when needed. Just say “Alexa, play BBC radio” and there you go.

    Find and Get Recipes

    If you are thinking what to cook today (which I am just thinking) then go to Alexa ask it and it will find you a recipe. I am also gonna take the benefit of this feature of Alexa and it replied cook pasta. 🙂

    Make a Shopping List

    I always forget my shopping items. What can Alexa do in this regard?

    Alexa can create your shopping list and can suggest you what to add. It will also list down what is finished in your home and what to add to the list.

    Get Your Horoscope

    Are you a horoscope person? Alexa can do a lot for you. It can suggest you the best strategies according to your daily horoscope. However, don’t trust any horoscope as much as Alexa, or even none of the prophecies work that well about your life.

    Control Your Firestick / TV

    It is more like controlling TV as discussed above. Alexa can control you Firestick and you will stay free from the tension to operate it.

    Get the Lottery Numbers

    Alexa can find a lottery ticket number for you but it never worked for me by the way.

    Whisper Mode

    This is funny may be for a lot of people as if you whisper to Alexa then Alexa gives you an answer back in a whisper. This is amazing if you are in a gathering and you want Alexa not to speak louder. I see it as one of the powerful features of what Alexa can do.

    Follow Up Mode

    Alexa can follow up for you and your clients. Everyone knows that follow-up is great for client retention.

    Sure, here’s a brief explanation of each feature in a human-friendly tone:

    Brief Mode

    Brief Mode is like your device’s way of being more discreet. Instead of lengthy responses, it gives you short and to-the-point answers without all the extra chatter.

    Explicit Filter

    Alexa only responds with appropriate and family-friendly content. It filters out any potentially sensitive or explicit language which is pleasant for everyone.

    Volume Control

    Whether you want to crank up the music for a party or lower it for a quiet evening, you’re in control.

    Timers (Set 1 or Multiple)

    With Alexa, you can set a single timer or manage multiple ones at once, making sure you stay on track with your tasks or cooking.

    Control Your Hue Lights (works with Philips Hue Hub)

    With this feature, you can tell Alexa to adjust the lighting in your home if you have https://smarthomedevicespro.com/make-hue-lights-blink/Philips Hue Lights and a Hue Hub. Whether you want a cozy ambiance or a bright setting, Alexa can take care of it with just a simple command.


    How does Alexa enhance home security?

    Alexa Guard can listen for sounds like glass breaking or smoke detector alarms when you’re away from home and send you alerts with audio clips. It can also simulate your presence by turning on lights. Additionally, McAfee has partnered with Alexa to provide network security features.

    Can Alexa help with music preferences?

    Yes, Alexa can stream music from various services and create playlists based on activities. It can also notify you of new music releases by artists you follow and remember your music preferences.

    What household chores can Alexa assist with?

    Alexa can control robot vacuum cleaners and air purifiers from compatible brands. It can also help create chore charts for family households.

    Is there a translation skill for Alexa?

    Yes, you can add the Translated skill to Alexa to translate short sentences from English into 37 languages and even ask for translations to be repeated or slowed down.

    How can I discover new Alexa skills?

    You can use the Skill Finder Alexa skill to discover new skills by asking Alexa about its new skills or by searching for skills by category. You can also connect Alexa to unsupported devices, apps, and websites using IFTTT recipes.

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