What Do Android Status Bar Icons Mean?

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I got a notification of an eye icon in my Android status bar and I was not sure what exactly it was. I then realized that there are a lot of Android status bar icons which most of people don’t know what they mean. This article is all about “What Do Android Status Bar Icons Mean?”.

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    Understanding Android Status Bar Symbols

    What is the Android Status Bar?

    The Android status bar is the row of icons at the top of your phone screen. Positioned on the top right, it shows vital information about your device, while the left side primarily handles app notifications.

    What are the Android Status Bar icons used for?

    To access quick settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and power-saving options, simply swipe down from the top of the screen. These icons can be customized, turned on and off to suit your preferences.

    Whenever you get some notifications, those from Instagram, Gmail, or SMS it will be shown in the top bar.


    For example, enabling or disabling Wi-Fi results in the Wi-Fi icon appearing or disappearing in the status bar. The status bar serves as a quick way to assess your device’s state, offering insights when troubleshooting issues like webpage loading problems by indicating a lack of mobile service or Wi-Fi.

    Decoding Android Phone Status Bar Symbols

    Battery Icons

    The battery icons are easily recognizable and provide essential information about your battery status, including percentage or a simple filled battery icon. Additionally:

    • A recycling logo on a battery icon indicates battery saver mode.
    • A battery symbol with an exclamation point or colored in red suggests low battery.

    Above I have added an image which shows the battery is 24% and there is no other sign with it which means the batter is not on battery saver mode or it is not low. Normally the battery icon turns red when it reaches 15%. The low battery icon looks like the following.

    Network and Data Icons

    These icons convey your mobile and Wi-Fi network status and data usage:

    • Network bars and Wi-Fi icons indicate signal strength or Wi-Fi connection. The following image shows the signal strength of 2 networks (signals are full for both). Small 1 and 2 written below the icon means there are 2 sims in the Android. However, 4G shows the used network is 4G. R written on the top means the Android sim 2 is on roaming.
    • Variations like LTE, 4G, or 5G may accompany the network bars to display network speed.
    • Various symbols represent mobile data, VoLTE (Voice over LTE), data-saving mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity status. Below is the Wifi icon which shows WiFi is not working on the device. The sign of exclamation (!) shows the problem with the WiFi connection.

    Calls, Volume, and Alarms

    Icons related to sound, calls, and alarms include:

    • Phone icons represent ongoing or missed calls.
    • Speaker icons indicate sound and vibration settings.
    • An alarm clock icon alerts you to an active alarm on your device.

    Uploads and Downloads

    Uploads and Downloads

    These icons notify you of ongoing uploads or downloads:

    • An up or down arrow indicates ongoing upload or download processes.
    • A checkmark on a line signifies a completed download.

    Connection Icons

    Connection Icons

    Icons related to various connections include:

    • The B icon for Bluetooth connection.
    • The USB symbol for a connected USB device.
    • A box with the Wi-Fi symbol for casting to another device.
    • An airplane icon for airplane mode, disabling all connections.

    Other Icons

    Android Status Bar Icons
    Image courtesy: NextPit

    Miscellaneous icons convey different statuses:

    • The N icon represents active NFC (near-field communication).
    • The upside-down teardrop indicates location services in use.
    • The crescent moon symbolizes Dark mode.
    • Focus mode and Do not disturb are represented by specific icons.
    • App-specific icons appear for notifications from various apps.

    The Significance of Android Status Bar Symbols

    Understanding these common Android status bar symbols allows you to quickly interpret your phone’s status by glancing at the icons. These symbols convey essential information about your device’s battery health, network connections, sound settings, ongoing uploads or downloads, and more.

    I am still finding what is the meaning of the blinking eye Android icon. If someone knows that kindly comment below! Mastering these symbols empowers you to better manage your Android device’s well-being and performance.

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