Why Are My Smart Bulbs Flickering? [9 Step-By-Step EASY FIXES]

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Smart bulbs may flicker due to incompatible dimmer switches, power fluctuations, loose connections, firmware issues, or a nearing end of the bulb’s lifespan.

3 Reasons Why Are My Smart Bulbs Flickering?

When a smart bulb is used in conjunction with a dimmer switch, the lights will flicker or seem to turn on and off at random. There may be more electrical issues as a result of the switch being burned out.

  • Dimmer Switch Compatibility: To begin, hard-wired dimmer switches and Hue lamps don’t always get along. Any flashing and/or buzzing sounds you hear might be caused by utilising Hue bulbs in a light fixture with a dimmer switch.
  • Dimmer Impact on Hue Lights: On the other hand, the dimmer switch may make a huge difference. Some may operate well, some may cause a little buzzing, and yet others may cause the Hue lights to flicker so much that they are useless.
  • Bulb Troubleshooting: If you don’t have any dimmer switches and a different bulb works after being plugged in, the problem may be the bulb itself. It might be helpful at this point to get in touch with Philips via their customer service department.

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why is my philips hue bulb blinking

9 Ways to fix a flickering smart bulb

Pairing and Setup:

Ensure the smart bulb is properly set up and paired with the system (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) using the associated app on your phone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues:

Check for Wi-Fi connectivity issues; if blinking persists, verify the Wi-Fi connection and router functionality using the app or by checking the router.

Manual Reset:

Perform a manual reset of the smart bulb to restore it to factory settings. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions specific to your brand of smart bulb.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength:

Improve Wi-Fi signal strength by relocating the smart bulb closer to the Wi-Fi router or a location with a better connection within your home.

Electrical Wiring Check:

Inspect and address any older or damaged electrical wiring in your home that could be causing issues with the smart bulb.

Compatibility with Switches:

Confirm compatibility of existing light switches and dimmer switches with smart bulbs, as they may not work well together. Leave switches in the “on” position to maintain power to the smart bulb.

Use Smart Bulb Dimmer Switches:

Consider using smart bulb dimmer switches, such as those offered by Lutron, to ensure a consistent power supply to the smart bulb and prevent blinking.

Check Light Sockets:

Examine the light socket for any damage or insufficient power supply that may cause the smart bulb to blink. Replace damaged sockets or lamps if necessary.

Integration with Alexa and IFTTT:

Set up smart bulb integration with Alexa using IFTTT applets to create custom blinking patterns based on Alexa.

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